Multi-Strain PROBIOTIC

A broad-spectrum probiotic to help restore gut flora
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  • Quantity: 60 Delayed Release Tablets
  • Supports immune and gut health
  • Wide variety of strains
  • Stomach acid resistant capsules
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Product Features

31 probiotic strains (NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA)
  • Provides both high strain diversity and high number of live cultures
  • Modern life – everyday stress, poor diet, pollution, and medications (especially antibiotics) – disrupts the natural balance of gut flora, giving bad bacteria the upper hand
  • Healthy gut flora consists of many different species of probiotic bacteria. Broad-spectrum probiotics are better at restoring the natural diversity of your gut.
  • Contains more than just Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. Formulated with a wide variety of probiotics such as Pediococcus, Enterococcus, Lactococcus, and Streptococcus, to restore and maintain a healthy gut flora.
Guaranteed Potency
  • Formulated with 50 billion at time of manufacture.
  • 5 billion live cultures guaranteed at 2 years (expiration date)
  • No refrigeration required. Potency guaranteed on product expiration date if stored at room temperature.
Designed to survive stomach acid
  • Stomach acid destroys most probiotic bacteria before they reach the intestines
  • Cultures protected by acid-resistant capsules and Bio-tract™ is a patented delivery system that protects delicate probiotics from stomach acid.
  • It provides targeted release where bacteria are safe from stomach acid.
  • Third-party tested to contain less than 5 parts per million gluten (complies with Celiac requirements)
  • A recent study showed that over 50% of probiotic supplements contained gluten, a known gut-irritant


DOES NOT CONTAIN: Eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, soy, sugar, GMO, artificial colors or flavors. Dairy used in culture of Lactobacillus strains. Third-party tested and verified GLUTEN-FREE.

SUGGESTED USE: Best if consumed with a meal. As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day.

STORAGE: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place (avoid exposure to high temperatures and/or moisture).

ALLERGY INFORMATION: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medication, talk to your doctor before use. May contain trace amounts of milk, corn and yeast used in the fermentation process. Made in a facility and processed on shared equipment that handles dairy, soy, shellfish, and wheat/gluten. Individuals extremely sensitive to these ingredients should consult a physician prior to using this product. 

Certified Sources

Guaranteed PURITY, POTENCY & FRESHNESS. InnovixLabs Multi-Strain PROBIOTIC is made with premium ingredients, and produced to the highest standards of purity and quality. All batches are tested and verified by in-house and third party labs for your peace of mind. Made in the USA for safety and reliability.

Product Label

Product label for Multi-Strain PROBIOTIC

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi- I am actually purchasing these for my dogs, one is special needs and had leg removed and urethrostomy, so he has some tummy issues and vet recommended probiotic. We did the milk test with one i give them and this one- your probiotic did turn to yogurt vs mine…. so I am switching to your product. I only see 60 capsules…. since I have 2 dogs- its a one month supply- I prefer to purchase larger quantity- do you sell any larger bottles? If not…. can you start to sell 120ct size bottles? Thanks! Kel

    Hi Kel – we do not sell larger bottles. There is only one available size right now. If there is continued demand, we will certainly consider a larger bottle. So, thank you for sharing. BTW, the ability of a probiotic supplement to turn milk into yogurt means very little. The presence of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and/or Streptococcus thermophilus is all that is needed to turn milk into yogurt. And this formula contains it, but there could be several other probiotic brands that do not contain these strains and that does not make those supplements bad. A product with just one strain, say, Bifidobacterium longum, would be amazing for gut health, but is unlikely to make yogurt. There are yet other bacteria that’d turn milk into a stinky, gooey mess, but they are proven to provide specific health benefits. - InnovixLabs Customer Service

  • Using probiotics for years — I can tell you that versions with much higher CFUs can cause significant discomfort.. I had been using the old formula (10b CFUs) daily for over a year, up until a few days ago.. I reordered what I thought was the same thing, and received this new formula. 50b CFUs vs 10b is a big jump.. Why wouldn’t you have a different stock number for this new product on Amazon’s site, and discontinue the old? If you did that, going back to the orders would have alerted me to the fact that the product changed and the old product was no longer available. Rick

    Hi Rick – thank you for your comment. We apologize for the confusion. The new formula is the same as the old one in CFU (live culture count). The only changes are the switch from tablet to capsule for swallowing ease and the way the CFU count is listed. Both versions (capsule and tablet) have over 50 billion live cultures (CFU) at time of manufacture. The previous version (tablet) had a shelf-life of 18 months, at which time we guarantee 10 billion live cultures. The original label claim of 10 billion was the number at expiration. This is what we had listed on the label. At 24 months, we guarantee 5 billion live cultures. Current label says both 50 billion at time of manufacture and 5 billion at time of expiration (24 months). There is a normal and natural decline of live culture count in all probiotic supplements. Instead of just stating the count at expiration, we now state both numbers, the starting and the ending number. Most people consume the product with somewhere between 50 and 5 billion, depending on when it was purchased. We hope this clarifies the situation. Again, we apologize for the confusion and thank you for reaching out. If there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to ask here or to call our customer service team at 1-888-799-7627. Thank you. - InnovixLabs Customer Service

  • How long is the valid duration of this multi-strain probiotic? zilu

    Hi zilu – the product has a 2-year shelf life from date of manufacture. Since probiotic shelf-life is based on the number of live cultures in the pill, the expiration is a date at which you are guaranteed 5 billion live cultures. So, the product will still contain significant levels of probiotics even after the official expiration date. - InnovixLabs Customer Service

  • I have been reading that L. sakei helps people with chronic sinusitis. My husband has had severe allergies and he has had numerous sinus surgeries, and this last sinus surgery was extremely painful. His doctor had to grind down bone, calcium had grew over one side of his sinuses and he could breathe on one side because of the calcium buildup. The highest pain killers didn’t even phase the pain he was feeling even days after his surgery. Needless to say it was an exhausting time for the both of us,but here is my question, if he takes your probiotic with this L. sakei in it, can it help him with his sinuses? Thanks. Terri

    Hi Terri – I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s experience. I’ve had the same surgery and it was miserable. We have a lot of customers who seek out this product for sinus purposes. It may help. Frankly, we don’t know exactly how much. We added L. sakei to the formula for this purpose. If he swallows the pills, it may not be as effective as opening the capsules and swishing the contents about in the mouth. I know it is not ideal, but having those strains linger in the mouth for a while is more likely to help it colonize the oral and nasal cavity. There are two other options that I think you could consider with your doctor’ help. One is easier – you can buy L. sakei as a powder from It is used in fermenting some foods. You could have him make a solution and squirt in nose. I have not tried it, but I know others who have and swear by it. The second option is somewhat bizarre – I know people who buy jars of kimchi (fermented korean cabbage), which have lot of L. sakei and squirt the juice at the bottom of the bottle into their nostrils. It’s unpleasant, but, again, there are people who have tried it. We don’t know if either of these techniques work. But please check with your doctor before you decide to attempt either of these unorthodox approaches. Don’t attempt either of these ‘tricks’ in a post-op state…again, work with your doctor. On a separate but related note, inappropriate deposition of calcium in soft tissues like sinuses, gum lining (plaque), heel spurs, kidney stones, arterial calcification, etc. are all classic signs of severe Vitamin K2 deficiency. K2 deficiency is extremely common and can develop in as little as a week if you do not eat K2-rich foods. If you do not address the deficiency, the calcium deposits will continue. We make a Vitamin K2 supplement. You don’t have to buy ours, but please consider any K2 supplement that has both MK-4 and MK-7 forms of K2. Couple of links on K2 worth reading:

    InnovixLabs Customer Service

  • Does this product actually help a person gain weight? Chris

    Hi Chris – there is no proof that it will help a person gain or lose weight. It will help add many often-missing healthy bacteria into the gut and the benefits that could bring. - InnovixLabs Customer Service

  • Good health websites say to avoid corn maltidextrin so can you tell us why you could not use an alternative? Also will you be producing a stronger version as these days 10 billion is fairly low. 50 billion would be prefered. Thanks T A

    Hi T A – corn maltodextrin is used as part of the stomach acid reistance (Bio-Tract) technology to transport the probiotics alive to the small intestines. Bio-Tract is a patented and licensed technology, which, like a good recipe, must be followed exactly to achieve the stomach acid resistance. Also, the ingredient is found at less than a fraction of one percent. Given the trace amounts at which it is present, we feel, it serves a vital function while being present in minuscule quantities. - InnovixLabs Customer Service

  • Does the probiotic lose any effectiveness if it is crushed instead of taking it whole? Pat

    Hi Pat – it loses some of its stomach-acid protection, but the number of live active cultures will remain the same. - InnovixLabs Customer Service

  • Is it safe for 8 year old child?

    Hi Smita - the capsules are not designed for consumption by children. However, the two pieces of the capsule can be gently pulled open. The powdery contents of the capsule may then be taken with a spoon and washed down with some water. Or the powder may be mixed with other foods.

    Some of the stomach-acid resistance of the outer capsule will be lost if you decide to open the capsule and consume the contents. The mild loss in potency from removing the outer capsule may still be worth it, if you wish to introduce these strains. - Innovixlabs Customer Service.

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Multi-Strain PROBIOTIC